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All good things...

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I'm happy to say that most of the world is no longer in lockdown!  Mine was the last state to reopen AND one of the first to lock down, so it's been a while (<- slight understatement)

During that time I gave away:

  • 1883 Dolly Face Mask patterns
  • 927 Medium Level Up! patterns
  • 826 Tiny BJD Level Up! patterns
  • 815 Petite Level Up! patterns
  • 549 Petite Slimline Level Up! patterns
  • 527 Medium Curvy Level Up! patterns
  • 444 1/4 Level Up! patterns
  • 318 1/3 Curvy Level Up! patterns

6289 patterns total! Woah :D

But the downside is, it's made my accounting much, much more difficult (averaging 75 orders a day, but only about 6 a day that don't have a $0 balance) and made it much harder to spot messages in between the order spam. 

I've had a lot of good feedback on these patterns, so while my original plan was to make them regular patterns after the pandemic lockdowns ended, I decided to keep these free-ish.  I'm changing them to free with purchase, so you can pick up a free pattern with a paid pattern.  Otherwise, they're 1.99.  And yes, you can buy Level Up! pattern for 1.99 and get another Level Up! pattern free :)

This will go into effect at the END OF THE WEEK (6/5/2020) so if you were procrastinating on free patterns for the last 3 months, do it now!