1.What can I do here that I can't do on Etsy/Crafts/Ebay?
Save Money!
  With my own store, I have lower fees, so prices are lower for my customers.

Taxes are lower too: as a small independent shop, I don't qualify for nearly all the taxes marketplaces do, which saves around half of my customers up to 27% in taxes depending on where you live.

Plus the stuff I had to attach to purchases on Etsy (tutorials, size charts) can be downloaded free!

And finally, you'll get the satisfaction of choosing the plucky underdog over the giant corporation ;)

2. Are you closing the Etsy store?
No!  Think of it like having your own store vs having your stuff in someone else's store.  It makes sense to do both!

3. Are downloads still instant?
Yes!  As soon as you complete your order, you'll go to a Thank-you page with links to your files.

4. I didn't download the files from the thank-you page.  How else can I get them?

    • There will be a link on your emailed order confirmation.
    • You will get a "Here are your files" email from SendOwl, my digital fulfillment service.
    • Whenever you log in to the website, your 'home page' will be a list of your orders, with links to the files in each order. 
    • If you're still having trouble, Email Me
5. What size paper do I need to print patterns?

A. Patterns should print on both A4 and Letter sized standard printer paper.  Just make sure your printer is at 100% and not set to 'shrink/enlarge to fit'

6. If I want to print at a size besides 100%?
A. That depends on your device.  For some people, all they have to do is click 'print' and change a box from 100% to say, 125% and their pattern will print out perfectly across 2 pages.

If your phone/tablet/computer/etc doesn't have that option, print it at 100% and go to your nearest photocopier.  If you don't have a nearby print shop, try your local library (or school/work if you have access to one there).

7. What if I don't have a printer?
A. You can put your files on a phone or thumb drive and get it printed at a print shop/library too. 

I also offer print services, but it's usually cheaper to do it locally than to pay for shipping.

8. Do I need a sewing machine?
A. Nope.  Sewing machines are designed to do common sewing techniques fast, but not as precisely as hand sewing.  Since most doll seams are small, there isn't as much of a benefit to machine sewing compared to people sewing, but you can do it either way.

9. What do the 'Difficulty Levels' on patterns mean?
A. There are 4 levels:

    • Easy-good for beginner=Newbie friendly
    • Easy-good for confident beginner=Fine for someone who knows how to sew already, maybe not my-first-pattern material
    • Intermediate=Has something new sewers find hard, like collars or sleeves.  Marked with what it is, so if it's collars and you are OK with collars, you should be fine.
    • Advanced=If you try this as your first pattern you may rage quit sewing forever (kidding!)  If you're comfortable with Intermediate patterns, these will be slightly more challenging because they need extra-precision, or use tricky fabrics.

10. I'm looking for some of the old content from before the store was added, but I got a 404 redirect.  Is it all gone?
A. It's still around!  The URLs have changed, so old bookmarks won't work, sorry.  There's 4 places to look:

    • Size Charts is where to look for info relating to doll sizing like measurements/size charts.
    • Resources are a bunch of tutorials on sewing.
    • My Blog has all the old entries on new doll reviews/comparisons, fabric shopping in NYC/Tokyo etc posts, general stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere
    • PullipsAndJunk.com is my friend Klein's Pullip-info website, and will be the new home for my old Pullip-specific content like repair tutorials.

    Still have a question?  Shoot me an email!