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General Doll-Sewing Info:

  • Intro to Miniature Sewing
    This is a general info article that explains how to pick out fabrics that work in doll scale, doll-sewing short cuts, and tips on findings to add realism. 
  • Closures
    Velcro, Snaps, Hooks, zips, buttons, frogs... What works best on which doll size, as well as how to make a neat closure on a doll.
  • Fabric Glues
    There are lots of different kinds of glues used in sewing.  This article explains what kind works best in what circumstances and on what kind of fabric.
  • So You Want to Buy a Sewing Machine...
    How DO you pick out a sewing machine when you like to sew for dolls?  Do modern machines work better than vintage?  So many questions answered!
  • Scale in Dolls & Fabric
    Things like 1/4, 1/3, etc get used a lot in dolls, often incorrectly.  Scale is explained here, as well as how scale relates to fabric and how sewing changes at each doll size.
  • Color Blocking
    Have you ever really liked a design but wanted it to have, say, a band of different fabric down the front to make it more interesting?  You need color blocking!  This is a quick tutorial that shows you how to divide any pattern however you want!
  • How to Buy Fabric for Dolls Online
    How can you tell how well a fabric will work on dolls without touching it?  If you can't find what you need in person, this will save you a lot of time, money, and 'wrong' fabric buying.
  • Ribbon!
    One of the most versatile trims, not all ribbon is the same and certain types work differently in miniature applications
  • Action Figure Sizing & Resizing
    Action figures come in many sizes, even at the same scale.  This shows you how to adjust patterns for extra-large or weirdly shaped figures using an existing pattern instead of having to start from scratch. 

Doll Sizing Articles

  • Integrity Dolls in Medium Girl Size
    Dolls that can't fit pre-made clothes can often share patterns.  Integrity dolls like Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parker, Misaki, and... Barbie are a great example!
  • Rainbow High
    There's a new dolly on the block with a totally new body shape!  See her compared to other dolls with info on how to get her clothes
  • BTS boys & other male doll lines
    Lots of new boy dolls but fortunately they all fit into existing doll sizes!  Comparison pics and detailed what-fits-whom
  • Dollfie Dream...Pretty?
    Volks came out with an adolescent doll size in between their kid Mini Dollfie Dream and adult Dollfie Dream.  Let's see how she compares and what she can wear!
  • Meet the New Kens!
    Following the diversity in girl body size, we have some new, and totally not confusing guy sizes: Slim, Original, & Broad
  • Curvy Barbie, Curvy Barbie & Curvy Barbie
    Or, Curvy Fashionista, Curvy Collector and Curvy Made to Move.  3 dolls with the same curvy label, 3 different sets of measurements
  • Meet the New Barbies!
    Tall, Curvy, and Petite have entered the dolldom!  The current Barbie body is now known as "Classic" the classic body is now "Original" "MTM" or "Silkstone" (not to be confused with articulated silkstone).  If you're a little confused, this article will help you out.
  • Meet the new Monster High Dolls!
    G3 dolls have new bodies.  Fortunately, most of the new body types fit into existing pattern sizes! More on Drac  More on Abbey
  • Vinyl Guys
    Boy Dollfie Dreams and Smart Dolls sizing & comparison

 Customizing & Dolly Doctor Stuff

    • UV Protection
      Did you know you don't have to leave dolls in dark boxes in your closet to protect them from yellowing?  There's a pretty cheap window film you can use to block out 99% of all yellowing UV.
    • De-Yellowing
      Ok, so maybe you didn't know about the stuff in the above article, or maybe you just bought a doll with some issues.  Here's an article on reversing damage in different kinds of plastics, vinyl, and resin.
    • Adding Neck Articulation to Rainbow High
      Newer dolls come with neck articulation but the first few series didn't have it.
    • Preventing Wrist Breaks on Playline Fashion Dolls
    • Some dolls have removable hands but they stick so much the wrists tear to get them in/out.  Want to do some preventative maintenance?  Check this out.