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Sizing Charts

A pattern covers a wider range of measurements than finished clothes.  This means you can often have dolls that wouldn't be able to share clothes share patterns.   

Links to measurements on the left, list of dolls on the right. You can search quickly by Ctrl+F and typing in your doll.  Still not sure? Send me an email!

Girl Dolls

Tiny BJD

 At 75%: PukiPuki, Lati White, Obitsu 11cm
 At 100%: PukiFee, Lati Yellow, Tiny Delf, Pipos Jr Pi
 At 150%: Little Fee, YoSD, Honey Delf


Narrow Hip: Neo Blythe, Licca, Skipper
Wide Hip: Obitsu 24cm, Pure Neemo S-M-L, Disney Descendants, Disney Princess dolls made by Hasbro


RealFee, Kiki Pop, Kinoko Juice, Na! Na! Na! Surprise Plush Dolls

Petite Slimline

At 100% Monster High, Ever After High, Jakks Disney Fairies, Dal, Byul, 21cm Obitsu, 23cm Obitsu
At 125% DC Super Hero Girls, most Medium Slimline dolls
At 150% 17" Monster High & Ever After High dolls


Classic: "Classic" Barbie (Modern post 2000 Barbie) including Jointed and Made-To-Move lines, Disney Store Disney Princess dolls, Mattel made and most generic Barbie lookalike doll lines, Jason Wu/Fashion Royalty dolls
Petite: Petite Fashionista dolls.  Different from Petite Pattern Size!
Tall and Tall Made-To-Move Fashionista dolls
Strong: Mattel-made Wonder Woman and WWE Diva dolls
Curvy: Curvy Fashionista*

*Curvy can sometimes use Medium Girl patterns and sometimes needs her own.  Patterns will say which.

Medium Slimline

 Pullip Type 4, Momoko, Obitsu 28cm

This size is similar to Petite Slimline size at 125%, except it has narrower hips/thighs.  Most Petite Slimline patterns will work as long as they aren't fitted at the hips. All Petite Slimline patterns have a fitted hip part.


This is 'true' 1/4.  40cm and 16" BJD and fashion doll lines go here. Tonner Ellowyne Wilde, Fashion Royalty 16" and Poppy Parker 16", Fairyland MiniFee Moe & Athletic, Soul Kid Double, and many more.

BJD collectors sometimes call it "Slim MSD" and refer to "MSD" dolls as 1/4.  This is incorrect. 

1/3 Kid

 1/3 Kid is what is usually called "MSD" or 1/4 by BJD collectors. Dolls in this size include vinyl Mini Dollfie Dream (MDD) and Obitsu 40cm, and resin dolls like Mini Super Dollfie (MSD)

Teen 1/3

Dollfie Dream Pretty and Obitsu 45 & 50cm

Curvy 1/3

Mature 60cm doll lines in resin and vinyl such as Dollfie Dream, Dollfie Dream Sister, Smart Dolls, SDGR, Fairyland F60

Not for SD10 type doll lines



Boy Dolls


 Original Series Monster High boys, Isul, Original Bratz Boys


100% Reboot Monster High Boys, BTS dolls, Slim Ken, Taeyang, Namu, Obitsu 30cm Slim male
107% "Original Ken" (Not actual original ken, but the Fashionista Original Ken)


Disney Store Prince/male dolls and most generic  3rd party 'ken lookalike' dolls. Kens from 2000s to Present, with the exception of Fashionista Slim Ken, Original Ken, and Broad Ken bodies.



1/12 Action FIgures

 This is kind of trickier as Action Figures come in a whole range of body shapes and very few are true 1/12 scale.

Short Answer: Marvel Legends.  Long Answer: Check out the chart link



Note: When I sorted dolls into different sizes, I gave them generic human fashion type names, like Petite=Short and Slimline=Skinny.  Years later Mattel came out with different body types in the Fashionista line and used the similar terms for the same reasons.  This is why Mattel's 'Slim boy' isn't the same as my Slimline boy and Mattel's 'Petite girl' isn't the same as my Petite girl.