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G3 Monster High Ghouls sizing info

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I gave Draculaura and Cleo as 'new' body types their own reviews, but all the other new body types followed the Ever After High method of shortening/lenghtening the calves to make tall/short bodies so they are pretty much all the same for sewing purposes.

First, let's compare the different generations and spinoff dolls:

These pics are taken straight from the new PS size chart btw so you can download that if you want a local copy to refer to.

The good news is overall the basic body shape has remained the same so the new dolls can (mostly) fit in the PS pattern size.

I suspect the gradual thickening of the dolls has been a choice made to make them more sturdy.  I like that, except my new Frankie's hand broke the third time I removed it (once to get her stock on, once for the first outfit I tried her out in and once for the second) and with the bigger G3 hands it is absolutely necessary to be able to remove the hands to change the clothes.  I know the arms are removable at the elbows too, but the friction at both the wrists and elbows makes me really nervous.

Now let's look at all the G3 body types so far:

Twyla is short the same way Frankie is tall: adjusting the calves.  Otherwise their bodies are the same as the basic body (I showed Clawdeen but this is the same body Lagoona, Ghoulia, and Toralei have).  

So this is great news for patterns!  With these measurements, most of the dolls can have pre-G3 patterns adjusted very easily.  Like so:


And here to demonstrate how that works in practice is Frankie!

Frankie is wearing two patterns I tested with the adjustment method: Level Up and Basics, as those are the two most popular patterns.  Both of these patterns have had the adjustments added into the actual pattern sheets.  If you bought them before now, you should have gotten an email with a link to the new pattern on Friday when I uploaded the new versions!

If you got either of these on Etsy, they don't have a function to send updates to purchased items, so just send me a message and I'll send you the new version manually :)

Let the sewing begin!