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Sweet Lolita style

Dang this was a tough decision!  I decided to go with this style for the anniversary pattern.

My ideal anniversary giveaway pattern was something (nearly) everyone will want to sew and something (nearly) everyone can sew with not a lot of frustration. I think of the finalists this fits that criteria best, being something that most people won't need to go buy special supplies for and the one that will involve the least amount of tricky hand and/or machine stitching.

I can hear some of you through the screen going "but I wanted something complicated, that's what I need patterns for!" Don't worry, I'll get to those too.  I will try and get some of the more complicated styles either as patterns or as options in pattern sets in the future.  From my testing, none were un-doable in doll scale, and I've got no problem making them as long as I can put "Difficulty level: Advanced, pattern requires hand stitching" or something like that in the description so people can make their own decision on what they're up to.

Can't wait until Friday!