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Anniversary Pattern Final 5

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I've been eagerly checking the votes every day!  Some entries had big early showings and some kind of steadily caught up.  BUT FINALLY WE ARE HERE: The Finalists!

I don't know which one I'm going to pick.  I have to hit up the fabric store and do some testing because 3/5 patterns, I need to make sure the necessary supplies are readily available.  And by that I mean stretchy lace ruffle in small enough scale, silky sheers that will drape on dolls, and doll-scaling trim for said sheers.   That is why I gave myself to the end of the week to announce the winner!

Here's my analysis of each pattern, in order of fan votes:

1. Military Lolita dress 
Pros: very easy to source, fabric-wise.  Cons: This one needs the highest sewing skill level of all the entries.  We've got the sleeve cuffs, and a topstitched hemmed-around-the-edge panel that needs to be symmetrical and centered well or it's going to be pretty obviously wonky.
2. Sweet Lolita dress
Pros: Easy to source fabric-wise and a lower difficulty level than the military lolita dress (they had almost the same amount of votes).  It can also be used to show how to do the 2-color skirt style that has the inside of the ruffle a different color from the outside that was in 2 of the other entries because the skirt is constructed the same way as those.  Cons: none I can think of
3. Ruffle Shorts
Pros: if I can find small enough stretchy ruffle, this will be easy to source for fabric and also a beginner-friendly pattern.  I was really shocked this one was so popular since it was the only submission that wasn't a whole outfit, just some shorts.  And then the amount of people commenting they had already tried to make shorts like these but haven't been able to figure it out.  Cons: gotta figure out a top to go with it! 
4. Fluffy Rainbow Dress
Pros: I really love the poofy ruffle that this dress is styled with because so many fabrics poof like this in doll scale unless you force them to make smaller ruffles, so I think this would miniaturize fantastically! Cons: To do this in a sheer like the contest entry might be difficult because most of those fabrics need a rolled hem.  Which you really can't do on tiny dolls.  So we'll see if I can figure out a work around for that.
5. Flowing Robe w/ Trim
Pros: Structurally this is an easy one, even though it *looks* very fancy.  I love that kind of dress because you can get a lot of wow without a lot of time invested.  Cons: the trim is what pulls the hem down and makes the dress drape so lushly.  And I am 100% sure I can't get this trim in 1/6 scale that drapes properly in 1/6 scale.  Some suggestions have been made of other possible substitutes, and I'm going to see what I can find. 

Congrats (and thanks) to everyone who entered and voted!  It was really nice to see what everyone is wanting to sew.  There are a lot of things that I'll try and work in even if they don't end up being the winning style because when I see a lot of people writing about how they find X hard to do, of COURSE I'm going to work that into a pattern to break it down and make it easy!