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Back to Work

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I'm not really a share-r but I feel like this is something I should probably put an explanation out there for those wondering why the last blog post was almost a whole year ago, and while I've kept up with any shop related stuff, there hasn't been a lot of new content for about the same period.  It's not happy, so trigger warning I guess.

2020 sucked for everybody.  I don't really feel the need to explain how it sucked for me personally, I mean you can probably guess a few things and be right about most of them.

Then along came 2021.  Again, not going to get into it in too much detail but it was so much worse.  On top of all the other crap I had some medical issues where one of the symptoms was brain fog to the point I couldn't do basic math without a calculator and had the attention span of a puppy with a bag of tennis balls.  For most of the year.

Fortunately I seem to be doing better now.  I have a lot harder time than I used to doing certain things and my attention span is still not great but I'm at least functional.  I'm focusing on getting back on my weekly pattern schedule, and hoping that as that becomes easier I'll be able to add other extras in as well, like Materials Mondays and customizing.