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Dollfie Dream Pretty & the new "Teen 1/3" size

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Volks has recently released a new doll size, the "Dollfie Dream Pretty"  It was supposed to be somewhere between The Dollfie Dream Sister & Mini Dollfie Dream in size, but that was all the real sizing info that was available. 

Was it going to be a shrunken DDS?  An enlarged MDD?  Something else entirely?  Well I managed to grab one on their web store before it sold out and did some extensive comparisons and measuring!

Here she is compared to the next size up/down (DDS/MDD)

She looks about half way between both, by size as well as uh, 'maturity'.  I think if the MDD body is supposed to be 8-10, and DDS about 16, DDP would be about 12.  She has more of a curvy torso, but nowhere near a full figure, and she has long/slender shape to her torso, arms and legs.  This is definite an adolescent body, and I think it looks really good! 

...but it has like, zero clothes. 

Parabox/Obitsu has some adolescent dolls in this size, as well as extensive measurements of all their dolls available on their website, so I was able to put together this chart by scaling my DDP picture in with the Obitsu dolls and filling in the measurements:

Obitsu 50cm 45cm 47cm Dollfie Dream Pretty DDP comparison chart
(if you can't read the chart, a big version is available on the size charts page)

First, the Obitsu 47cm, despite being in between the 45 and 50cm in height and from the same company, is NOT proportioned like a teen body.  It seems more like a 1/5 scale adult female, not a 1/3 scale adolescent.

The Obitsu 45cm and Volks DDP bodies share the most similarities, being almost the same in all measurements except the DDP has slightly longer arms/legs.

The Obitsu 50cm is still pretty close!  Most measurements are 1cm or less from each other, and the ones that aren’t are ones that are easiest to adjust (leg/arm length).  When make a pattern, I build in wiggle room for the back closure since things like thick Velcro take up a lot more room than snaps or hook closures.  This means if you aren’t using thick Velcro, a slightly larger doll (up to 1cm larger) can be clothed with the same pattern without adjusting it.