Extreme Customization Pt 3 (Finishing Touches)

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Part 3 of extreme customization! (See parts 1 and 2)


Pullip Junk has a thing for Joker, and when this doll started coming out creepy instead of cute, asked me to finish it in Duela Dent style, which was basically 'whatever you want, but joker-ish plz'

Duela The outfit took me about 7 hours to do. Duela is on a 25cm obitsu, a body I haven't worked with before. It's 'teen' sized. The shorter body seemed to fit her personality better. Not quite the moxie of an adult shaped type 1, but still a bit more energetic in feel than a full 27cm adult body. I didn't make the hat, but everything else was drafed from scratch, meaning I had to make the pattern, which is a bunch of trail-and-error attempts until I get it to look right.

I say it a lot, but I don't think I can say it too much: customizing is hard work! Sure, everyone sees pictures of the finished products, because we don't show the screw-ups, and I have yet to podcast a 2-3 hour tape of me swearing at my sewing machine.

Duela Done! Duela Dent is a minor DC character, an Earth-3 daughter of the Jokester and 3-Face. The doll doesn't look much like her. She resembles the ame-comi version more than the comic version, because the ame-comi figure is basically a cute girl joker with huge boobs. But in the comic she's 13.

I'm a decent enough artist. When it comes to realism in doll faces, I'm far from tops, but I think the one thing I am very good at is imbuing personality into my creations. The personality I was going for with Duela was a nice manic schizoid affect. She's an evil clown that would really like to be your friend and maybe stab you later. She'll lie all the time, except she would never fail a lie detector test because she absolutely believes everything she says. If that was the impression you got before you got this far, then I did good!