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Free Pattern: Dolly Face Masks

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Hi Everyone!  Things sure have gotten a bit nuts. 

In times like this, I think it's important to think "What can I do to help?"

Everybody usually has something.  I am pretty good at making things out of fabric.  I've also been using safety gear for over a decade to protect myself from eye and respiratory damage from hobby stuff.  Because of that, when I've seen pictures of people on the news wearing N95s upside down, half-tied and hanging loosely, or just not using the nose clip and I cry inside.  If a mask is supposed to filter air coming in or going out, it doesn't work if the air is coming and going out the sides, bottom, around the nose and not THROUGH THE MASK. 

At the same time, I've seen lots of people online, many with no sewing knowledge, trying to figure out how to make face masks.  I've seen lots of people trying to be helpful with patterns and videos of how to make face masks that are, well, bad.  Really bad.

We don't have one-size-fits-all clothes for our bodies for a reason, and that's we're all different shapes and sizes-including our heads!  SO!  Here's a free pattern to teach you how to make and fit face masks.

...For dolls.

Free DIY handmade face mask pattern

"OMG why are u making stupid patterns for dolls instead of people?!"

Well, for the above reason I just explained.  I don't think sticking a face mask pattern out there is a good idea because people will just cut, sew, and go.  Then they might feel like they're protected and do things they might not have otherwise like go visit their grandparents.  That would be a bad thing. 

It's more important to understand how a mask needs to be put together and how to adjust the shape to get a good fit. Masks that don't fit don't filter.

For THAT purpose, dolls are great: their faces vary even more than human faces in shape and size, so the differences in patterns is exaggerated and more obvious to someone trying to figure it out.  Since they're tiny, you can refine your mask making and fitting skills by making doll masks much faster than if you were practicing on human masks.

Plus, it's an easy project even a kid can do that might make them feel more in control by letting them protect their dolls, having a friend who 'matches' or just general roleplay to work through things. 

 Free Dolly Face Mask pattern for BJD 18" animator dolls

While everyone is stuck indoors, I'm going to be adding a lot more stuff to help us keep ourselves and the kids in our lives entertained.  AND since a lot of people are on shaky financial ground right now, I'm going to add more free projects, so check the new freebie section often!

Enjoy, and stay safe everyone!