Meet the new Kens: Slim, Original, Classic & Broad

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New Kens size chart

When the new Ken dolls were announced, most things I read about them talked about how the new "broad" and "slim" sizes were joining the original size.  That isn't really the case.  The new "Original" ken is as much of a new body as the other two.  I thought it might be possible "original" refers to the actual original Ken, who was much less beefy in his early years than the one introduced in the late 60s because it is a lot more similar to that than the later one:

Ken Body Comparison(not my pic)
...But I'm going to say no.  Until I get my hands on one, anyway.  The actual original Ken is much slimmer in the arms and legs.  Really more like a taller version of the new Slim doll.  With the same amount of articulation. So let's do that reference lines thing I like to do: New Kens with reference lines

I'll call the pre-revamp"Classic" Ken from now on (the actual original Ken I'll call Vintage, and the intermediate one from the 70s-90s, Burt Reynolds)

Unlike the new Barbie bodies, which manage to share a lot of measurements even though they have very different body shapes, the new Kens... no. 

Slim is smaller all over, and less muscular.  He has the same size head, which gives him a more childlike appearance than he might otherwise have had if he wasn't so bobbleheaded.  Classic Ken clothes will be very large on him.

Original is most similar to Classic, but with more of a V shaped torso than a square torso. Non-fitted shirts will be fine, just a bit baggier around the hips.  Pants will sag unless you seriously overlap velcro, but it's do-able.

Classic is the one most of the clothes have been made for to date, but I don't know if this body is being retired or will just be used for non-fashionista lines.

Broad is just thicker overall.  He's very beefy.  I'd guess loose shirts for Classic will be tight on him but workable as long as they're knit and not that plasticy non-stretch stuff.  Pants, no chance. 

  3 new sizes?  Oh come ON.  Well, it may not be that bad.  Here's some comparisons between the new sizes and the Ever After High body (which has become the new boy Monster High body as well) ever after high new ken doll slim original comparison

The EAH doll looks more similar to the new 'original' size, but smaller.  Size-wise, he's closer to the slim doll, though (.5cm difference with a slightly larger chest and slightly narrower hips as he has more of a pronounced V torso)  Close enough that "M" Boy patterns WILL fit.

For Original, there's also some good news: his new body shape is proportionately most close to the "M" sized boy body, just 108% larger and with slightly longer legs.  So print out that very same pattern at 108%, and you'll be able to clothe the new Original guys, too! 

I'll be making some new 'basics' packs for all the new sizes, but they will have notes in the listings and the patterns themselves about this helpful info as well for those who already have the M sized patterns :)