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My very first pattern all over again

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For anyone who hasn't been around that long, the Kimono pattern was the pattern that got me into pattern making (for other people). Kimono are gorgeous, but they don't miniaturize well. Since it's a traditional garment, most patterns for dolls followed the rules of kimono, just smaller which... doesn't work so great.

I designed some for my own dolls with the focus on getting an authentic looking result and people freaked out and begged me to make a pattern. And so here we are, 7 years later!

It always bugged me that my original pattern didn't have the same format as my other patterns but I didn't want to go down the rabbit hole of constant editing. But this was my *very first* pattern, so I can make an exception, right?

The pattern sheet has been redrawn to make it easier to cut, I added new instructions and lots of pictures and a bonus dressing section because over the years about 90% of the questions I got about this pattern had to do with dressing, not sewing. The fit though, I didn't mess with--that was perfect.

Some things are just worth doing twice :)