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PS Pattern Checklist!

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She's making a list, checking it twice...

No, wait, wrong season ;)

Back when I set up the web store, a concern some customers had was that they'd lose track of where they bought stuff and accidentally get doubles.  Honestly?  It's the kind of thing I see myself doing, so it's a legit concern and I tried to figure out a solution.

Here's what I came up with: Pattern Checklists!

Pattern Checklist example

But hey, if you're going to make a tool, might as well give it multiple uses!

Here's the .PDF file for the PS size (which includes 125% patterns like DC Super Hero Girls and 150% patterns like 17" Monster High variants, but they each have their own section), and you can also find this--and others, when I finish them--in the Resources tab.

Ok, so what can you do with this?

      • You can keep track of where you bought your patterns, and which ones you have!  The #1 most important function of a checklist, obviously.  Patterns are ordered alphabetically so you can find them easily.
      • The pieces in each pattern are listed so you can hit ctrl+f on the digital .pdf to search for any term.  Say you need a pair of bloomers.  Ctrl+F, type in 'bloomers' and you'll instantly have all the patterns that contain Bloomers highlighted. 
        Easy to find what you already have, AND easy to pick out new patterns!
      • Print out a copy to keep with your pattern pieces for easy reference.  Forgot what a pattern looks like/should look like when it's done?  Lots of little pictures on each page and the descriptions will let you find it in seconds!
      • Make a wishlist!  Because I have been known to have flash sales where you don't get much time to be indecisive ;)
      • Write in whatever notes you need for yourself.  Did the pattern, and want to remember that X fabric you tried works really well (or really NOT well?) There's space for that.  Make a note that the pattern has a couple of XL pieces that are in a folder not with your regular pattern pieces?  There's space for that.  Anything you want to make note of, do it!

    So yep, pretty good resource!  I've already printed out a copy myself, I figure it will save me  lot of time answering customer questions about "do you have a pattern that has X in it?" and that kind of stuff!