We are now RADdollclothes.com!

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Hi Everyone! 

10 years is a long time.  Realizing you've been doing something for ten whole years comes with lots of feelings and introspection.  Thankfully most of that has been good because I love what I do, but I have decided some stuff needs to change.

Like my URL: RequiemArt.com.  Wait.  I go by Requiem Art Designs as a business, what's wrong with my URL?

...because people who don't already know me generally read the URL as RequieMart.com.  And RequieMart.com sounds like a cheap Alibaba.com knockoff hosted somewhere on the other side of the world, possibly run by shady individuals.  Would you click on that if it came up in your search results?  

Right!  So the URL has to change.  It's fine for people who know me already, but not so much for new folks.  I decided on the new URL because it keeps my identity (Requiem Art Designs) and references what like 90% of the website is about (doll clothes). 

I'm also taking this opportunity to change my Etsy shop name to match my website URL because honestly I should have done that a long time ago. 


How this is going to effect you:

Not at all!
I still have RequiemArt.com, all the links will still work.  If you have a bookmark with the old URL, it will be redirected to the same location with the new URL.  If you forget the new name and send a friend a link to a pattern or repair tutorial, they will be automatically redirected to the same pattern or tutorial. The download delivery system is not affected by URL changes. 

Etsy will do the same thing: automatic URL redirects for the new shop and keeps the old shop name from being used by anyone else. 


So... that's all really.  Here's to making it another 10 years!