Private School Uniform

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The school uniform is a must have pattern even if you have no interest in school uniforms! Every wardrobe needs a simple blouse, pleated skirt, sweater vest (which if not worn over a blouse becomes a sleeveless tank top), thigh high stockings, knee socks, and ankle socks. None of these things go out of style, and can be worn together or paired with other pieces!

Patterns Included: Blouse, sweater vest, pleated skirt with 2 lengths (thigh, knee), tie, socks in 3 lengths (thigh, knee, ankle).

Body Variations this pattern fits: Classic, Curvy, Petite, Tall, Strong
Supplies needed: 1/4 yard fabric, thread/sewing supplies
Difficulty: Intermediate (Round collars, sleeves, pleating).  You can also check out the 'Tutorials' section for free resources on sewing and sizing.

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