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Wa-Loli Japanese Street Fashion

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Wa-Loli is the fusion of traditional Japanese and Lolita styles: long flowing sleeves with big poofy skirts! This is a collaborative pattern between myself and Keely's Cute Kimonos, who specializes in making doll clothes in that style.

Patterns included: Wa-loli dress with different bodice options, cupcake skirt and hi-low skirt options, headdress/bonnet, and obi with ornamental bow

Body Variations this pattern fits: Classic, Petite, Tall, Strong
Supplies needed: 1/4 yard fabric, thread/sewing supplies
Difficulty: Intermediate (layering)  You can also check out the 'Tutorials' section for free resources on sewing and sizing.

You will get a link to the .pdf file to download on checkout as well as in your order confirmation email.  You can buy/download/print and get started in minutes!

Customer Reviews

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Quite Cute

This was one of the first doll patterns I sewed a couple years ago. The instructions are nice and clear and it was not as difficult as I feared it would be.

Vanessa F.

I absolutely love this pattern! Made one for a Japanese spirit inspired doll I did a face-up on! Though I could add a picture, but sadly can’t. So just check out @galaxymonsterdoll on IG, posted pictures of it ob there (fair blue, rosé flowers with white and rosé accents) ☺️
The pattern was really easy to follow, definitely can recommend it