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Animal Hoodie Costume Cuties

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This is a hoodie style I developed for dolls.  Because they have a lot more hair volume than people, it uses a secret key hole in the back that lets the hair out without it having to be tucked down through the neck hole.  Best of all, this hoodie comes with animal parts so you can whip up dozens of different animal costumes just by varying the colors and ears. Easiest last minute Halloween costume ever, but also cute year-round!

Patterns included: Hoodie with part/instructions for Cat, Pig, Lion, Squirrel, Bear, Panda, Monkey, Rabbit, Pony, Frog, Pikachu
Supplies needed: 1/3 yard fabric or less, thread/sewing supplies

Difficulty: This is an easy pattern that most beginners should be fine with.  You can also check out the 'Tutorials' section for free resources on sewing and sizing.

You will get a link to the .pdf file to download on checkout as well as in your order confirmation.  You can buy/download/print and get started in minutes!