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Super Hero Girl Basics: Jeans & T-Shirt

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The new Super Hero gals are pretty awesome, but with no clothing packs and half the dolls coming with only molded clothes on, these poor gals have NOTHING to wear! All Petite Slimline patterns will fit Super Hero Gals if you print them out at 125%, but this one has had all the resizing done for you--all you have to do is click "Print" and start sewing!

Patterns Included: Basic and Detailed non-stretch pant patterns and a fitted long-sleeved and T-shirt pattern

Supplies needed: 1/4 yard fabric, thread/sewing supplies
Difficulty: Easy--Designed for beginners!  You can also check out the 'Tutorials' section for free resources on sewing and sizing.

You will get a link to the .pdf file to download on checkout as well as in your order confirmation email.  You can buy/download/print and get started in minutes!