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Curvy Underwear & Bikinis

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This is a set of super easy patterns designed to give you 7 different top styles, 3 different panties, leggings, and tights! There are also extra variations of some of the styles to let you sew them with stretch or non-stretch fabric. The panties are all designed with those awful molded on panties in mind, so you can cover them up with something more natural.

Patterns Included:  Bra top with different strap/bust line/gather options, 2 triangle tops, stretch & non-stretch panty, string bikini bottom, stretch & non-stretch short, stockings

Body Variations this pattern fits: Curvy ONLY
Supplies needed: 1/4 yard fabric, thread/sewing supplies
Difficulty: Easy.  Great for confident beginners.  You can also check out the 'Tutorials' section for free resources on sewing and sizing.

You will get a link to the .pdf file to download on checkout as well as in your order confirmation email.  You can buy/download/print and get started in minutes!

Customer Reviews

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Freebie, but can't go wrong with a good underwear pattern! RAD patterns are all I'll use for years now, I've never been less than thrilled and I've had phenomenal experiences when requesting help/tips.

Great and easy to follow

The patterns are great, and they fit the curvy dolls perfectly.